Legal Notices

1. General principles

1) This is official website for Shanghai Harvest Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "HIT"). This website is only for personal non-commercial use, all browsing the website users should carefully read the statement, this website and other terms, and abide by the laws and regulations of the internet. Once you use this website, including but not limited to browse the web, download website content, website provides links to third party websites, as users have understood and agree tothe terms of this legal statement, willing to bear all legal liability risk and browse this website.

2) The content of this legal declaration may be changed from time to time, and the user should pay attention to the site in time, and this website does not assume the obligation of notification.

2. Terms of service

1) All information and software on this website are provided according to the status quo, without any implied or implied guarantees orconditions, including but not limited to accuracy, timeliness and non infringementof implied warranties or guarantees.

2) The website provides only the related network content services, which is charged by the telecom operators for the possible network charges.

3) And the website quoted or link information to provide users with convenient services, control products and Services websites, the content on thewebsite and describe or provide were not affected by HIT, so HIT is not any ofthe website and the content, products or services (including further links tothird party websites the) responsible, such as users choose to use the third party website, all the consequences caused by risks.

3. Use of web content

1) The website for users to upload audio, video, text, pictures and other documents there is no strict obligation to review the user to upload any files that are required to ensure that any right infringement of third party, unless the user or the rights of people in particular, otherwise the user upload behavior as a license, which is uploaded to the HIT on this website files enjoy free access to permanent rights.

2) Any unit or individual considers that the content of this website may infringe upon its legitimate rights and interests. It shall timely notify HIT of written rights and provide identity certificates, ownership certificates, specific links (URL) and detailed infringement cases. HIT will remove the alleged infringements as soon as possible after receiving the above legal documents.

4. Disclaimer

1) This website for any user or the third party for any loss,including but not limited to due to copy or download the website information ordata loss, data loss is not responsible, regardless of whether it is based on the guarantee, contract, tort, illegal acts, or any other legal theory,regardless of whether the site has been in advance that possibility of suchloss.

2) The website has the right to manage and supervise users'uploading and distributing information on this website in accordance with national laws, regulations, forum rules and software center rules, but it is not responsible for this website.

3) Because the government has the right organ to disclose the user's personal data according to the requirements of laws and administrative regulations, the website will provide personal data to the government authorized organs and agencies according to the law or for the purpose of public safety, and there is no need to bear any responsibility for it.

5. Application of law and jurisdiction

1) The law of the People's Republic of China is applicable to the disputes arising from this declaration or the use of this website.

2) The dispute arising from this statement or the use of this website shall be settled through consultation. If the negotiations fail, all parties agree to settle the law suit by the people's court at the place where HIT is located.

6. Other

1) Although HIT has taken reasonable measures to avoid computer viruses appearing in web pages, there are absolutely no perfect security measures on the information network. This website cannot make absolute guarantee for computer viruses, so users must take appropriate safety precautions themselves. This website does not take any responsibility for the computer virus.

2) Within the scope of the law, the website reserves the right to explain and explain the statement.




Intellectual property declaration

1. General principles

HIT has always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and complying with the laws and regulations of China's intellectual property rights and the binding and normative documents.

All information on this site, including but not limited to all contents of this website uses all trademarks, logo, companyname and logo, text, images, audio, video, program, site layout, web design,architecture and data editing, the use of the software or program, have common legal rights and intellectual property rights belong to HIT independently owned or with relevant contents of the people.

Unless otherwise prescribed by law, without the written authorization of any of the contents of HIT, HIT has the copyright and other intellectual property rights, no person shall be allowed to any form of copy, edit, modify, compile, download, communication, imitation, plagiarism,re release, mirror, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, otherwise HIT will be prosecuted by law.

If any third party transacts the content ofthe website webpage within the reasonable use limit, it must indicate thesource, original author and link of the reproduced content, and not delete the HIT copyright mark (if any), otherwise HIT will reserve the right to investigate its legal liability.

2. The right notice and the counter notice

In accordance with the requirements of Chinese laws, regulations and normative documents, HIT has formulated measures and steps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the right holders,as follows:

2.1 Notifications of rights

If the obligee thinks that the contents or links that are provided by the third party may infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests on the website, the obligee can submit a written notice ofrights to HIT, which shall contain the following contents.

1) The specific information of the obligee, including the name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and valididentity document, such as resident identity card, passport, business license,etc.

2) The name of the infringed content andthe network address should be deleted or disconnected.

3) Constitute a preliminary proof materialfor infringement, including, but not limited to, the ownership certificate andthe alleged infringement fact of the obligee.

The notice of rights should be signed bythe right holder or its authorized person, if the right person or other organizationneeds to be stamped with the official seal.

The right holder shall be responsible forthe authenticity of the notice of the right to be issued and bear all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom.

After receiving the notification of rights,HIT will make a formal review within a reasonable time. If the right noticemeets the requirements mentioned above, HIT will delete the suspected infringement content or break the alleged infringement link according to the provisions of laws and regulations. At the same time, HIT has the right to require the right holder to provide further proof of material in accordance with the requirements of the review, and the right holder should cooperate.

HIT delete the complaint content or disconnect the complaint link in accordance with the law, and transmit the right notice to the provider or the provider. If the content or the address of the provider of the link is unknown, HIT can not transmit it, and the notice is announced on the Internet.

2.2 Counter notifications

3 Working days or links provide the rightnotify party was informed in the announcement of HIT page in the received HIT transfer or after that, the content or links does not infringe the rights of others, can be submitted in written form to the HIT counter notification requirements, recover deleted content or disconnected link.

The counter notice should include thefollowing:

1)Content or link specific information ofthe provider, including name, address, telephone number and valid identitydocument, such as resident identity card, passport, business license, etc.

2) The exact name and network address ofthe contents or links that are required to be restored.

3) Does not constitute a preliminary certification material for infringement, including, but not limited to, itsownership certificate, which is deleted or disconnected, and enjoys legitimate rights, and does not constitute an infringement description.

The counter notice should be signed by theright holder or its legitimate authorizing person, and if the unit is the unit,the unit's official seal should be added.

The service object shall be responsible forthe authenticity of the anti notification and assume all the legal responsibilities arising therefrom.

After receiving the counter notification submitted by the connection or content provider, HIT will make a formal review within a reasonable time. If the counter notification meets the requirements mentioned above, it will immediately restore the deleted content, or restorethe broken links, and transmit the notice to the obligee. The right holder maynot notify the HIT to delete the content or disconnect the link again.

2.3 Notifications of rights and methods of submission of counter notifications

The notice of rights and counter notifications shall be submitted to HIT in the following ways:

1) Send the scanned parts;

2) And shall submit the written materials mailed to the administrative management department, the address of Shanghai IntelligentTechnology Co., Ltd.  is as follows:

2nd Floor, Building 5, No.955, LiuXiangRoad, Jiading District, Shanghai, China   P.C.:201800  TEL:+86 21 69986962

The behavior of HIT to delete or restore the content, disconnect or restore the link is carried out according to law,and HIT does not take any responsibility for it.

Within the scope of the law, the finalright of interpretation of this declaration is owned by HIT.

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